CX Matic 33F/N

Big size automatic gravity feed slicer of elegant design.

The slicer has two separate motors, one for the blade and one for the carriage.

  • Semi automatic slicer
  • Adjustable carriage stroke and consequent speed
  • GEAR transmission
  • Two separate motors - one for the blade - one for the carriage
  • Removable parts for cleaning: blade cover, product holder, aluminium meat grip, S/S slice deflector
  • Blade with NARROW BAND out of chromium-plated, hardened steel
  • Turning aside and REMOVABLE sharpener
  • Interlock on gauge plate
  • Dual action sharpener
  • Big size product-holder plate
  • Transparent Plexiglas Protection at product-holder plate
  • High reliability of all elements
  • New design with large spaces
  • Fixed ring guard
  • Fence included





 Filename Size   Date
C33F-S_N AUTO_8-2010_parts breakdown.pdf 409 KB 10-06-2013
Man_CX_Matic_33FN_GB.pdf 2211 KB 24-05-2013
Man_CX_Matic_33FN_SP.pdf 2319 KB 24-05-2013
NSF8_Specification_slicers_2013.pdf 1519 KB 01-03-2013
Spec-sheet_CX_Matic_33F-N_2013_GB.pdf 463 KB 24-05-2013
Varimixer price list 2016_final_January '16_low.pdf 2564 KB 12-01-2016

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